Dental Fillings

Quality Dental Fillings in Oklahoma City

Did you know that about 78 percent of Americans have had at least one cavity by the time they are 17? You can safeguard your smile with a visit to your dentist at Nicoma Park Dental in Oklahoma City twice a year for a professional cleaning and dental exam. We will remove stubborn plaque and tartar buildup, as well as identify the warning signs of tooth decay or damage. Diagnosing a cavity while in the early stages and treating it using quality, affordable dental fillings will restore the tooth and will prevent the need for complex procedures down the road.

Dental Fillings Overview

Fillings are restorations used to repair teeth damaged by decay back to their normal health, function, and shape. It’s important to treat tooth decay before progressing, to provide relief from tooth pain and preserve teeth from further damage. Tooth decay left untreated can continue on to the sensitive inner pulp tissue located in the root canal, potentially causing tooth pain and needing root canal treatment down the road. Tooth fillings also work well to restore teeth that are broken or cracked or those that have worn down over time.

Natural, White Dental Fillings

Composite resins, or tooth-colored fillings, are made of powdered glass and acrylic resins. They are durable and resistant to fracture in small to mid-sized restorations that withstand moderate chewing pressure. Composite fillings aren’t only good for repairing cavities. They are also used to change the shape or color of a tooth. White fillings blend well with surrounding teeth, leaving you with a natural-looking smile. 

What Is the Procedure?

The procedure for getting your fillings is simple and will usually require one appointment. We will first numb the area using a local anesthetic for your comfort. We will choose the filling shade that best matches your tooth color to enhance the appearance of your smile. Next, we will remove the decay and clean the area, followed by using a special curing light to harden the filling material, layer by layer.

We will shape the filling to fit your tooth and will polish it to keep it smooth and resistant to staining. The last step is conducting a bite check to make sure your teeth align comfortably and making any needed adjustments. The results look and feel so natural, that it’s almost impossible to tell that your tooth has been restored.

Caring for Your Restored Teeth

Caring for your restorations will require the same dental hygiene regimen you would follow to keep your natural teeth healthy. Brush your teeth at least twice a day, and floss daily. Make sure you consume a balanced diet to ensure your teeth receive the nutrients they need to stay healthy. Visit our dental office at least twice a year for your routine exams and cleanings to lower your risk of developing cavities, and to allow us to check on your fillings.

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