Restore Your Smile with Quality, Affordable Dentures

Are you looking for ways to restore missing teeth? If so, our quality, affordable dentures may offer the perfect solution to renew your smile and your youthful appearance. You will love how comfortable they are and how natural they look. You don't have to miss out on life’s pleasures anymore!

What Are Dentures?

Dentures are prosthetic teeth and gums that are designed to replace lost teeth. With today’s advanced technology, we offer dentures that are natural looking and more comfortable than ever.

There are two primary types of dentures available to you. Full/Complete dentures are used if you are missing all of your teeth, while partial dentures are the choice when you have natural teeth remaining. We will custom design your dentures to fit your mouth comfortably and will match them to your natural teeth.

Why Choose Dentures?

Dentures offer a quick, affordable solution to replace missing teeth. They work to improve your appearance and your overall health. When you lose teeth, you may look different due to sagging facial muscles. Dentures provide support for your facial structure, leaving you looking more vibrant and youthful.

Your restorations will also allow you to chew your favorite foods with ease and to speak with clarity. After a brief adjustment period, you'll look so natural and feel so confident; no one will be able to tell you are wearing dentures.

  • Full Conventional Dentures: We may need to remove any remaining teeth before fitting you with conventional dentures. Healing typically takes a few months, during which your jawbone may experience changes in shape and form. We will outfit you with temporary dentures and fabricate your final restorations when the healing process is complete to ensure a perfect, comfortable fit.
  • Immediate Dentures: We place Immediate dentures in your mouth right after removing any remaining teeth. These types of dentures will likely require more adjustments and relining than conventional ones to ensure they fit well after your jawbone heals.
  • Partial Dentures
    Partial dentures will restore your smile when one or more of your teeth remain in your mouth. They consist of false teeth attached to a pink or gum-colored plastic base. Partials usually come with metal frameworks and clasps that connect to your teeth.

What Is the Procedure?

Our dentist will begin with an exam including x-rays of your mouth. We will schedule an upcoming appointment to remove any remaining teeth if needed. Immediate dentures involve making an impression of your mouth before extracting any teeth, which conventional dentures involve taking impressions after healing is complete.

We will use your impressions to design a model of your dentures. We will test it for proper fit then will cast your restorations. The final step is making any needed adjustments to ensure the best comfort, fit, and function. You may choose to use dental adhesives for an added sense of stability and security, but they are not necessary if your dentures fit well.

Make sure to keep up with your dental appointments so that we can keep an eye on your dentures. With time, they may need repairs or relining to ensure they continue to fit comfortably and securely. With proper care, your dentures can last for many years!

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